Dorothy Needham working in Etching/photography/drawing and painting

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Recently I have become very interested in etching techniques. Although I can only plan and design at home, there are chances to use to facilities at the Queen's School in Chester from time to time when Alistair Tucker runs his holiday classes.
The images have been based on drawings and photographs suitably modified to encapsulate an original idea, usually fairly figurative but free adaptation with regard to composition, colour and lighting effects. Some use two plates, some incorporate watercoloured areas. The etching of 'Two Faces of Scarborough' features the contrasting areas north of the castle and the older seaside settlement with its harbour.
The main new etching for Open Studios 2012 was a landscape entitled 'Low Bank Lane, Ruyton,' featuring gradations of light and shade with textured marks.
The chine colle etching of 'Presses at Ellesmere' is based on a visit to the recent 'Book Art' event showing the Adana press, the gold leaf press and composing text with an Eric Gill font, using a Monotype caster. The second new etching is a monoprint as the butterfly was a real Ringer. Original Prints are available. This etching is of particular interest in being a soft ground impression of actual objects printed onto a yellow-tinted Chinese paper.

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