Elizabeth Cadd working in PRINTMAKING - (Screenprinting , Collographs, Intaglio, monoprinting) WATERCOLOUR & COLLAGE

I take my inspiration from nature and the beauty of the natural world. I enjoy the visceral aspects of being in the landscape and capturing a mood and sensations experienced whilst out there.

My previous work as a self taught plein air watercolour artist explored forms and colours in the landscape, whilst working in a fast and fluid way. Long walks, painting all day was how I connected to the land and developed my individual style.

Over time I was introduced to various printmaking processes such as collograph, intaglio and relief printing where I began to combine painted images with collage and printing, developing pieces in response to sketches and ideas of paths taken on a journey.

Still inspired by nature as always, my current work in screenprinting draws on a solidly experimental process to create abstract expressive pieces, full of energy, movement and colour. Most pieces are unplanned, enabling me to fully embrace ideas as they come up,and respond or react to each print as new screenprinted layers are added. I am chasing that accidental juxtaposition of colour and shape which delights the eye. I am constantly looking around me, finding my way through what I have seen and absorbed and bringing that out onto paper.

I give myself regular windows of creative time to work on new prints in the studio (2 - 3 times a week). And have no prescribed idea of what I will work on until I get there. Sometimes I create landscapes, sometimes they are more pattern orientated details from nature, sometimes strong bold forms emerge. I enjoy this back and forth response to my own work and always giving myself the space for new ideas to emerge.

Just after Open Studios, I¶m showing work in London at New Designers (One Year In) 2018 at the end of June. 27 - 30th June. Business Design Centre London. Week 1.
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New Designers presents the Top 100 new design businesses in the UK at One Year In – a curated showcase of the most promising and intriguing designers, studios and entrepreneurs who have recently launched their own businesses. Visitors can browse and buy original pieces directly from their makers, find out more about their ambitions and commission bespoke works while supporting small design companies.



This exhibition will be under my new Design Studio name ¶Four Elements Design Studio¶ and will showcase my recent screenprint artwork and pattern designs for womenswear fashion, apparel and interiors. I¶m hoping to gain interest from galleries for selling original prints and limited editions; and from fashion print buyers for my surface patterns.

If you come to Open Studios you will be able to see a preview of this work!

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