Graham Mitchell working in Jewellery + Digital Imaging + Wood Assemblages

Contemporary Photography & Jewellery in Wood

Born 1956. In the late 1970's I took up Calligraphy, and Pen & Ink illustration. As an professional microscopist I had to focus on details and transient effects and this became a feature of my work. <

In 1988 I moved to Shropshire. My job here meant I have been involved at the forefront of digital imaging and has allowed me to develop my interests in a different medium. With work I have travelled around the globe, particularly Japan, and I have developed a love for all things Japanese, especially the simplicity and realisation of beauty in imperfection. Looking for a new challenge I began to produce jewellery using local and exotic woods in combination with rare and interesting gemstones. The theme is .light - texture - reflection.

Today I have a permanent collection of Photographs, Jewellery & Prints in my studio in Oak Street, Oswestry

Items can be purchased from me directly or from shops stocking my work
Oak Furniture Shop, Bailey Street,
Oswestry Visitor & Exhibition Centre
Oswestry Library
Willow Gallery, Willow Street, Oswestry
Voyage Fair Trade Teignmouth
Plus others throughout the year including The Qube & Cambrian Heritage Railways

. Please contact me for details. and follow me on

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