Jood Gough working in acrylic, relief/intaglio printmaking, clay, textile, etc

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I am a Shropshire-born artist, but spent most of my adult life first in North Africa, and then in Liverpool, living and working within the community arts scene. Having been away from Shropshire since I was 7 or 8 years old, I finally returned to live in Oswestry in 1998.

At present, my work is often landscape-based - fairly abstracted, and usually incorporating the human figure, though sometimes I focus on the figure alone. I make relief and intaglio prints, often combined, as well as using other techniques to produce quite complex images. When I paint I generally use acrylic and oil in various forms, and sometimes other mediums. I garden (very important).

More recently I started to explore 3D. My first 3D show - an installation about landscape and the human figure - was in 2012 in Oswestry. Installation pieces were made of clay with shell, bone, wood, ink, graphite, oils and chalk.

I also teach life drawing, art appreciation, and abstract art courses on a regular basis in Chester and Oswestry, plus one-off workshops for arts societies & clubs and community groups. These are usually in the North West and around the Wirral. In addition I am happy to consider private tuition in a variety of subjects.

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